Matković & Partners Advising Digital Nomads

Matković & Partners Advising Digital Nomads

Matković & Partners Law Office is pleased to announce that it has successfully started its participation in the development of a new type of business and that it is able to provide full support to digital nomads.

Digital nomads, the whole world is an office to them, they are not attached to any specific country or region. That is why it is a real pleasure when they choose Serbia and Belgrade as the center of their life and business.

Our office successfully provides digital nomads with all kinds of services they need to successfully live and work in Serbia. Having in mind all the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to make Serbia a desirable destination for digital nomads, to contribute to a favorable business and tax climate for that new way of working, we advised our new client Galicia to choose Serbia as its new destination.

Our law office successfully provides the following services to digital nomads, people who change the world with their knowledge and abilities:

  • Starting a company,
  • Opening an account,
  • Registration of stay / temporary stay,
  • Work permit,
  • Selection of an accounting agency,
  • Selection of employees,
  • Tax consulting,
  • PO Box provision,
  • Full support for regular business on a monthly basis.

Satisfied clients testify to the success of our team’s work.

Digital nomads, we are here to support you in your work!

For any questions, suggestions and suggestions feel free to contact us at

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